Message from President

" Today, Targe Group International is an emerging company providing consulting, petroleum, construction, logistics and transport services to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. We add value to our clients’ projects and deliver results, even in the most challenging situations. TGI is strategically positioned to work with our clients to capitalize on the expanding opportunities in global markets.

As TGI have grown, we’ve learned the value of customizing our services to meet evolving industry needs, and of partnering with the world’s best providers in each sector. TGI believes in long-term, practical, sustainable and collaborative relationship with both our national and international clients. Therefore, we have hired a pool of national and international experts to work on each project. Initially, TGI management forms a team for each project and that specific team then communicates, coordinates and plans its activities based on the needs of each client/project. Afterwards, the plan is put into execution, which assists TGI to satisfactorily meet the needs of the client based on their requirements. "