Targe Construction specializes in civil works projects such as roads, bridges, highways, and dams. Our company has performed on a variety of projects for military contractors and the Govt. of Afghanistan. We have a vast experience in vertical, horizontal, design-build, EPC, and cost-plus projects. We understand what our customers want and make it happen for them on time and at the most competitive rates. Targe Construction has invested a great deal of capital into a fleet of road equipment, earth works equipment, trucks, tools, generators, cranes, and many other required assets to get the job done. We mobilize to work sites throughout the country through utilizing our own fleet of flatbeds and transport assets.


Our expertise as a construction contractor spans the commercial, institutional, educational, industrial, and civil markets. This diversity brings added value to our projects, because TGI’s project teams think outside the conventional standards to provide options that help you make informed decisions. By using the latest technology and applying innovative building practices, TGI is able to provide superior construction services from the start of a project to its completion.

No matter what the project demands are, our company can provide new, well-maintained equipment to make the project a success. We also lease our equipment to clients when needed. Give us a call today and allow us to give a tour of our staging yard of equipment that we utilize on our projects throughout the country.


  • Engineering and Design
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contracts
  • Design-Build Contracts
  • Camp Construction
  • Force Protection Construction
  • Electrical Systems Design and Installation
  • Power Grid Design, Procurement, and Installation for Camps
  • Road and Bridge Rehabilitation projects