Targe International

TGI offers domestic and cross border truckload services with a full menu of freight management services that increase our capabilities. Our senior management continues to invest in the technology needed to drive efficiency, enhance communications and ultimately make it easy for customers to do business with TGI. We employ the latest technologies and operate one of the most modern fleets in Afghanistan. With offices and facilities throughout Afghanistan, our dedicated staff and safe, professional drivers provide a wide range of transportation, warehousing, and logistics services.

As Afghanistan is one of the harshest areas of operations for transport and logistics companies, we maintain our trucks well to ensure reliability to our clients. Also, all of our trucks are equipped with In-transit Visibility (ITV) transponders allowing “real-time” tracking of all of our transport assets. This assists our management in providing realistic delivery times and management of the safest routes. From border to border, TGI offers the best in transportation services to both international and local clients. We have a management team of experts that ensure successful and effective transportation services on a consistent basis. With this combination of experience, reliability, standard service, and an extremely large fleet of trucks we can offer your company a turn-key solution. We offer high quality service with zero losses or damages to cargo and our rates are extremely competitive.


TGI’s Transport Division offers high quality on-time service with zero losses or damages to cargo. Our service area is the entire country of Afghanistan. With an dynamic network of transportation terminals we preposition our transport assets to meet the needs of our clients. TGI is able to provide top rated services in even the most austere and harshest regions to ensure mission success.